Barrel Chain

Barrel Chain

Chevron Jump Ring Chain

Chevron Chain

Floret Chain Instructions

Floret Chain

Open Ring with Pearl Instructions

Open Ring

Bubble Jump Ring Chain

Bubble Chain

Closed Round Instructions

Closed Round

Graduated Byzantine

Open Round Chain Instructions

Open Round

Byzantine Chain

Cross Chain Instruction

Cross Chain

Hugs n Kisses Byzantine Instructions

Hugs and Kisses

Persian Jump Ring Chain

Persian Chain

Byzantine Matrix Chain

Byzantine Matrix

Double Bubble Jump Ring Chain

Double Bubble

Japanese 6-in-1 Instructions

6-in-1 Chain

Holiday Tree Instructions

Pine Tree

Byzantine Poppy

Jens Pin Chain

Jens Pend

Triple Channel Instructions

Triple Channel

Cascade Earring Instructions

Cascade Earring

Eclipse Chain Instructions

Eclipse Chain

Ladder Chain Instructions

Ladder Chain

Turkish Round Instructions

Turkish Round

Celtic Chain Instructions

Celtic Chain

Fieldstone Chain

Fieldstone Chain

Northern Star Jump Ring Chain

Northern Star

Viper Chain Maille

Viper Chain

Channel Chain Instructions

Channel Chain

Flat Maille Instructions

Flat Maille


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