Eclipse Chain Instructions

Eclipse Chain - A good beginner/intermediate jump ring chain project. Estimated jump rings necessary to make a 9" chain. [18 - 14ga 9.0mm ID jump rings; 18 - 16ga 6.5mm ID jump rings; 36 - 18ga 5.0mm ID jump rings and 20 - 18ga 4.5mm ID jump rings] plus misc rings to connect clasp.

This project uses the following size jump rings.




STEP 1: Materials

Jump Rings used in this chain.

For this example, we use

x-large: 14ga 9.0mm ID
large: 16ga 6.5mm ID
medium: 18ga 5.0mm ID
18ga 4.5mm ID


STEP 2: Start with a X-large Ring [Sun]

This chain is easier to build when hanging from a work lamp or cross-lock tweezers with base.

Attach a clasp to a x-large (14ga 9.0mm ID) ring. (Toggle clasp shown but you may substitute any style)


  Eclipse Chain Step 2

STEP 3: Add 1 of 2 Medium Rings

Open a medium (18ga 5.0mm ID) ring and attach it to the x-large ring.

  Eclipse Chain Step 3

STEP 4: Add 2 of 2 Medium Rings

Open another medium (18ga 5.0mm ID) ring and attach it to the x-large ring.

  Eclipse Chain Step 4

STEP 5: Attach an X-large Ring

Add a new x-large (14ga 9.0mm ID) ring to the existing two medium rings
  Eclipse Chain Step 5

STEP 6: Add Small Ring in Between

Open a small (18ga 4.5mm ID) ring and attach it to the new X-large ring in between the medium rings.

  Eclipse Chain Step 6

STEP 7: Hanging the Moon

Attach the a large (16ga 6.5mm ID) ring to the small ring you added in step 5.

  Eclipse Chain Step 7

STEP 8: Add 1 of 2 medium Rings

Open a medium ring and connect the x-large [Sun] and large [Moon] together.
  Eclipse Chain Step 8

STEP 9: Add 2 of 2 medium Rings

Open a medium ring and connect the x-large [Sun] and large [Moon] beside the medium ring attached in the previous step.

  Eclipse Chain Step 9

STEP 10: Add the Sun

Open a x-large ring and attach it to the (2) medium rings at the bottom of the chain.


Continue building the chain to length using steps 3 thru 9.


We are going to show you an ALTERNATE method that looks tricky, but is faster to build the chain.

  Eclipse Chain Step 10

STEP 11: Invert the Sun

Slide the bottom ring (X-large) upward. This will cause the two medium rings at the top to separate. Let the x-large ring fall forward.


  Eclipse Chain Step 11

STEP 12: Invert the Sun - pt 2

The chain should look like this...

  Step 12 Eclipse Chain

STEP 13: Add a Small Ring

Add small (18ga 4.5mm) ring to the bottom of the x-large ring.

  Step 13 Eclipse Chain

STEP 14: Add the Moon

Add a large (16ga 6.5mm ID) jump ring to the small jump ring.

  Step 14 Eclipse Chain

STEP 15: Reverse the Sun

Reverse the procedure you performed in step 11. Bring the bottom of the x-large ring up and let it slide back into its original position

  Step 15 Eclipse Chain

STEP 16: Check your work

If done correctly, the top of the Sun should have three rings with the Moon dangling from the center ring.

  Step 16 Eclipse Chain

STEP 17: Add 2 medium Rings

Attach 2 new medium rings to the both sun and moon, x-large and large jump rings.


STEP 18: Add a new Sun

Attach a new x-large jump ring to the 2 medium rings on the bottom.

Go back to step 10 and repeat.

  Step 18 Eclipse Chain

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