Jens Pin Chain

Jens Pind Chain - Try this project using 14 gauge jump rings or create a more delicate chain using 18 or 20 ga. The project as shown uses (80) 14ga 5.0mm ID Jump rings. Mixing metals is also an interesting way to highlight this project. Looking for a great men's bracelet or necklace chain? Jens Pind fits the bill.

This project can uses the following size jump rings.




This project uses the same size jump ring (14ga 5.0mm ID) throughout the project.


STEP 1: The Starter

Close a (14ga 5.0mm ID) jump ring. I recommend attaching a piece of scrap wire to help hold on to your project.


STEP 2: Add a New Ring

Attach a new (14ga 5.0mm ID) jump ring to the first ring.

Note the position of the two rings. Adjust them to match the picture before adding a ring in step 3.

  jens-pind-step02” width=

STEP 3: Add a Third Ring

Attach a new jump ring through the front of both existing rings.  This should form a small flower.  For an enlarged view, take a look at the floret jump ring project.

  jens-pind-step03” width=

STEP 4: Create the Stack

Organize the rings between your thumb and forefinger.  Twist the last ring so that all three rings stack together.  If they do not, flip the chain to the other side and try again.

Note:  If your rings stack the other direction, remove the last ring, go back to step 2, flip over the project and reinsert the ring.

  Step 4 jens-pind Chain

STEP 5: Identify Ring 1... 2 & 3

Each time you add a new ring, you will focus on the last three rings of the chain. New rings skip ring 1 (in red) and attach around rings 2 &3 (in blue).


  Step 5 jens-pind Chain

STEP 6: Add a New Ring

Locate the space between the 1st and 2nd ring and add a new jump ring.


  Step 6 jens-pind Chain

STEP 7: Capture Rings 2 & 3

You will notice extra space when adding the ring. This space will diminish as you add more rings.
  Step 7 jens-pind Chain

STEP 8: Repeat - Stack the rings

Organize the chain until you get the last three rings to stack.

  Step 8 jens-pind Chain

STEP 9: Identify the Target Opening, Add a Ring

Identify the last three rings. Open the space between ring 1 and ring 2 and add a new ring around 2 & 3.

Repeat steps 4 thru 7 to build your chain.

  Step 9 jens-pind Chain

STEP 10: Right Side, Wrong Side.

When looking for the Stack, flip the chain over a few times. There is a subtle difference. On one side the last three rings stack. That is the correct side. On the other side, rings 2 and 3 stack, but rings 1, 2 and 3 will not.

  Step 10 jens-pind Chain

STEP 11: Add a Clasp

Build the chain to your target length. 14ga 5.0mm ID jump rings use approx. 10 rings per inch.

Depending on the gauge of the rings, you many need to add smaller rings to ling the chain to a clasp.

  jens-pind Poppy Step 11” width=

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