Closed Round Instructions

Closed Round Chain Mail - is a variant of the Open Round chainmail jump ring project. It has an A.R. of 4.0 (use the AR Calculator) to estimate the I.D. for other gauges). In this example we are using 18ga 4.0mm ID jump rings. You will need approx. 45 rings per inch of chain.

This project uses approximately 360 jump rings to make a bracelet.






STEP 1: The Starter

The easiest way to assemble this chain is to make a starter. You need a dowel (3/16" diameter) a piece of masking tape and (3) 18ga 4.0mm ID Jump Rings.

Close the three jump rings.

  Step 1 Closed Round Mail

STEP 2: Stick 'Em

Press the 3 closed jump rings into the sticky side of the masking tape. Make sure at least half of the jump ring is visible above the tape.

  Step 2 Closed Round Mail

STEP 3: The Roll

Attach the dowel to the edge of the tape. Make the end of the dowel equal with the tape, and roll the dowel so that the tape and jump rings are packed inside.

  Step 3 Closed Round Mail

STEP 4: Looks Like This...

Press the tape firmly against the dowel and jump rings to secure them. Your finished starter should allow you to add jump rings to the starter jump rings.

  Step 4 Closed Round Mail

STEP 5: The Triangle

The jump rings on the starter should form a triangle. You will be adding new jump rings, one each, to the corners of the triangle where the jump rings meet.

  Step 5 Closed Round Mail

STEP 6: Starter Complete

Optional: Hang the starter from your work lamp or third hand to give you access to the chain.

  Step 6 Closed Round Mail

STEP 7: Connect Pair #1 - New Ring

Locate the point where two rings on the starter are touching. Open a jump ring and attach it to that pair.

  Step 7 Closed Round Mail

STEP 8: Connect Pair #2 - New Ring

Rotate the work to the next point where two rings from the starter touch. Add a new jump ring.

  Step 8 Closed Round Mail

STEP 9: Connect Pair #3 - New Ring

Turn your work and find the point where the rings from the starter touch and add a new jump ring.

Row Complete!

Note: You will always be adding rings in groups of three.

  Step 9 Closed Round Mail

STEP 10: Add a New Row - Ring #1

You are going to repeat the steps 7, 8 & 9. But lets continue following the chain to reinforce what it should look like

  Step 10 Closed Round Mail

STEP 11: Then ring #2, then ring #3

Find the point where the rings touch and add a new ring. Each row requires 3 new rings.

Note: The first several rows can be tricky. Make sure that your new ring does not grab the previous row.

  Step 11 Closed Round Mail

STEP 12: Start the Inverted Step

Flip the chain and face it upward. Grab the neck of the chain with your thumb and forefinger and face it toward you.

  Step 12 Closed Round Mail

STEP 13: Let the Rings Fall Open

Press your thumb and forefinger firmly around the chain to keep it stable. Let the rings fall open like the petals of a flower. You are going to add three new rings.
  Step 13 Closed Round Mail

STEP 14: Identify the Inside

With the last row of jump rings open (petals), identify the inside portion of the jump ring. Seen here in red.

You will be adding a new ring to link the (red pair) rings together.

Note: The inset picture in the left and right corner identify the other pairs your will be linking.

  Step 14 Closed Round Mail

STEP 15: Connect in 3 Places

Open 3 18ga 4.0mm ID jump rings. Attach each new ring to the inside of the rings (identified in the previous step) and pull upward.

[Ring 1 of 3 shown]

  Step 15 Closed Round Mail

STEP 16: 3 Rings, 3 Places

After you attach the second and third ring, your chain should look like this. You have completed the inverted stage.

[copper rings denote new rings]

  Step 16 Closed Round Mail

STEP 17: Continue the Chain

If you prepare your rings in piles of 3 rings, your will maintain the proper pattern.
  Step 17 Closed Round Mail

STEP 18: Review

Hold the chain downward.
  Step 18 Closed Round Mail

STEP 19: Review - Add 3 Rings

Open (3) jump rings and add them to the chain to form two new rows (Steps 7-12)
  Step 19 Closed Round Mail

STEP 20: Review - Identify the Inner

Flip the chain upward, letting the rings fall outward like petals and identify the inner portion of the ring.
  Step 20 Closed Round Mail

STEP 21: Review - Add 3 rings

Add 3 rings to the inside
  Step 21 Closed Round Mail

STEP 22: Complete Chain to Length

Repeat the steps, adding 6 rings, invert add 3 rings, repeat, until you reach your desired length.
  Step 22 Closed Round Mail

STEP 23: Create a 3 to 1 Link

Ending a 3 sided chain can be challenging. Create a 3-1 link out of scrap wire.

Cut a length of 18ga wire approx 4 inches long. Use a round nose plier and create coil.

  Step 23 Closed Round Mail

STEP 24: Separate the coils

Pull the coils apart. The wire may be very stiff.
  Step 24 Closed Round Mail

STEP 25: Bend to Triangle

Continue to separate the loops until they form a triangle.
  Step 25 Closed Round Mail

STEP 26: Attach chain

Attach the last three rings of the turkish round chain to the 3-1. Create a loop and wrap on the other end.

Note: I end my chains with the inverted step. Then connect each ring, one at a time, to the 3-1 connector.

  Step 26 Closed Round Mail

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