Barrel Chain

Barrel Chain - can be created in several gauges and thickness. The A.R. for this chain is around 3.8. If you are a beginner, we suggest creating this chain in 18ga 4.5mm ID or 16ga 5.0mm ID. Those with chain experience 18ga 4.0mm ID and 16ga 4.5mm ID are very achievable.

This project uses the following size jump rings.



STEP 1: Materials

In this example we will use 16ga 4.5mm ID. You can create this chain with other sizes. Use the A.R. guide (value 3.8 to 3.9) to help estimate ring size.

Materials estimate:

18ga 4.0 - 20 rings per inch
16ga 5.0 - 15 per inch
14ga 6.0 - 12 per inch





STEP 2: The Starter - Ring

Close a new jump ring marked A

I find that attaching a piece of scrap wire to the beginning of the chain makes it easier to manage. This step is not required.



STEP 3: Add a New Jump Ring

Open a new jump ring [B] and attach it to jump ring [A]


STEP 4: Add New Ring

Open a new jump ring [b] and attach it to jump ring [A]. Jump Ring [B] and [b] should be connected to A, side by side.

STEP 5: 1-2-1 Chain

Open a new jump ring [A] and attach it to both jump rings [B & b]

STEP 6: Repeat the Chain

Add rings [B] and [b] to [A] and continue the pattern.

You should have a chain pattern that is 1 - 2 - 1 - 2



STEP 7: Continue to Length

Repeat the pattern until the chain is slightly longer than your target length.



STEP 8: Prepare to Insert Rings into Pattern

You can start anywhere along the chain. I like the middle so there is plenty of chain to hold on to and stabilize the work.  Identify the double ring [B][b].

STEP 9: Separate the Double Ring

Using your thumb and finger, slide the double ring apart. Notice it creates an ellipse in the center.


STEP 10: Add New Jump Ring

Open a new jump ring and push it through the double ring where the rings intersect.

barrel link


STEP 11: Looks like this

Notice that the new ring surrounds where the double ring overlaps.



STEP 12: Open a New Ring and Repeat

Open a new jump ring and place it right next to the jump ring added in steps 8-10.



STEP 13: Repeat Steps 8-13

Identify the next set of double rings. Slide the rings apart and add a new ring at the intersection.



STEP 14: Should Look Like This

Continue filling out the chain by adding two rings to each intersection. End with a single ring and clasp.



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